Web 2.0 review

Just checking my posting and realized I had not linked the Prezi correctly.  I think it is correct now and you can view a preliminary edited Prezi on a friendship lesson.  In order to keep in private, it seemed that I had to send it to my email  and copy that before the link would work.  Does anyone have a suggestion that would keep the link private and share directly from Prezi?  Thanks.

Web 2.0 and insomnia

What better way to wake up than to try some google info.

–>The Talent Show depicts Cyberbullying in a memorable way for students.

The Talent Show

–>The Anti-Bullying Ad depicts relational bullying and the power of a bystander becoming an ally.

The Power of One

–>The Price Of Silence depicts the realm of direct bullying highlighting the Bully, bystander, target and ally.

The Price of Silence.



My first attempt at a google doc for student insight.  I’ve created a reflection sheet that summarizes the lesson on bullying prevention.  I think it is too long at the moment, but wanted to see how it looked…  Click here to see document:  Peer Insight (live Form)

**Next question:  Not sure I did this correctly…How do I create my google document to let others answer the questions while leaving the template untouched?